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History of
Hilton Health Care, P.C.

Written by: Dennis Goldsmith, PA-C Retired

Leon Zoghlin Hilton Health Care was founded in 1979 by S. Geoffrey Stead, MD and Leon Zoghlin, MD. Both of these family physicians had been in practice at Hilton Family Medicine on Lake Avenue, until they decided to establish their own family practice on East Avenue. After Dr. Stead's tragic death in 1982, Dennis Goldsmith, PA-C joined Dr. Zoghlin in 1983 to assist him in caring for his patients. HHC was the first family practice in Western Monroe County to pioneer the pairing of a family physician and physician assistant in the delivery of health care. Geoffrey Stead As the population of the area increased, the need developed foradditional physicians. By 1987 Robert Blackburn, MD and Benson Zoghlin, MD joined the practice. Whereas, the community continued to grow and the number of patients continued to increase, Eric Cederstrom, MD joined the practice in 1990; he served until his death in 2008. With four family physicians and one physician assistant caring for patients, the need arose to increase the physical space. Consequently, in 1990 HHC expanded its facilities at the same site. As growth continued, Mark Sarnov, MD (1997-2018) was welcomed to the practice. With the addition of Suzanne Brendze, MD (2001-2013) six family physicians and one physician assistant were engaged in the practice of family medicine. Eric Cederstrom Between 2004-2011, Stephanie Tarbell, PA-C assisted in delivering care. Later, as HHC entered its second generation, Lou Cerami, PA-C (2011-2016) and Beth Mucci, FNP-BC (2012) were added to the health care team. In 2014, Nilsa Martinez, MD was welcomed. At the end of 2014 Dennis Goldsmith, PA-C decided to retire. Dennis provided 31 years of outstanding care for his patients and passion to drive Hilton Health Care to continuous improvement. Dennis Goldsmith In 2016 Alison Baillargeon, PA-C was welcomed to the team.

The vision of Drs. Stead and Zoghlin in 1979 to establish a comprehensive family practice in order to serve the people of Northwestern Monroe County has become a reality. Although he retired in 2004, Dr. Leon Zoghlin has been able to witness the transformation of a small family practice in the village of Hilton to a large family practice serving the people of the region. Hundreds of families and thousands of people continue to be served. HHC is an exemplary family practice. Not only has it pioneered the physician, physician assistant/nurse practitioner team; it has also innovated the electronic medical record. Perhaps most importantly, HHC is an educational institution, continually teaching patients, medical students, and physician assistant students, all of whom interact with each other in an effort to improve the quality of care now and into the future.